1 to 1 Modell Making

Constructing and designing research approaches in 1:1 models
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About 1 to 1 Modell Making

To create buildings made of paper, the first step is to generate various design options. Thus, accompanying the research project BAMP, young architects took part in courses to test a broad range of architectural design variants. In the seminar series ‘1:1’ and ‘Folded house’, they came up with a large number of projects that dealt with the potential of paper materials and their impact on the design; all resulting in a simple building.

The designs, which the students of the Department worked on for several years, show various approaches, not only based on folding techniques. The solutions presented range from conventional approaches that could also be realised with other materials to ideas that might work particularly well with paper. 

Besides the construction itself and the transfer to contemporary construction methods, the material – characterised by its low volume and the possibility to fully integrate it into the recycling loop later – shows particular potential in conceptual ideas that deal with a shorter than usual lifespans. Thus, short-term use rather than long-term use, which means rethinking architecture.