Building with Paper Exhibition in Mainz

Presenting the Building with Paper Exhibition at the Centre for Building Culture Rheinland-Pfalz
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About Building with Paper Exhibition in Mainz

On Thursday 22 June 2023, the exhibition „Building with Paper“ was opened at the »Zentrum Baukultur Rheinland-Pfalz« – Centre for Building Culture Rheinland-Pfalz.

The FGPG has been working on paper materials for use in architecture and design since 2012 and has been able to develop its expertise in this area in a wide range of projects and collaborations. The focus here is on experimental research into the design and handling of paper as a material for building applications.

After five years of intensive work on a research project on the topic of „BAMP! Building Paper“, in an interdisciplinary team with other project partners, a multitude of models and practical approaches to architecture made of paper emerged.

In two exhibition contributions in recent years on the topic of „Building with Paper“ at the Architecture Biennale in Venice and at the Paper Museum in Düren, the research content and results were presented to a broad, non-university public as science communication. In the process, the exhibitions themselves made a contribution to the topic of building with paper through their construction and design entirely from paper materials.

The exhibition in Mainz shows fragments of the two exhibition contributions against the background of the communication of university research and as „case studies“ for exhibition designs in paper construction. In addition, insights into the current developments on building with paper in the FGPG’s research are presented and the integration of the central research topic into university teaching as research-based learning in seminars or in projects with students on a 1:1 application scale.

The exhibition was open to visitors for one month until 21.07.2023, and there were to guided tours in which Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Luttropp presented the exhibition contribution to interested visitors.

  • The „Building with Paper“ exhibition was on display from Thursday 22 June 2023, as part of the temporary exhibition at the Centre for Building Culture Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz Germany
  • The exhibition team: Ariel Auslender, Nina Christl, Veruschka Janouschkowetz, Fabian Luttropp, Manuel Pfänder, Jannis Protzmann, Tim Sarbacher, Rita Somfalvy, David Waldeck Andrea Wittmann