Student Workshop Paper Plus

Student research works on paper as a building material
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About Student Workshop Paper Plus

At the interface between architecture and design, the department offers seminars that deal with different materials and their manufacturing and processing methods, with the aim of realizing built concepts.

In the current seminar, an individual object, a room is designed from commercially available or optimized paper materials and also composites. Joining techniques and methods of machining will be taught (..or need to be researched). 

The basis of the processing is the design, its contextualization, a processual shaping and functionalization in different scales, ending with a 1:1 prototype. Skills in craftsmanship and handling of tools and equipment are required. The work is done in teams. 

The seminar focuses on experimental construction with paper and is closely linked to research and offers an introduction to research modules of the FGPG. www.buildingwithpaper.com