Student Workshop Paper Shingles

Seminar on façade or roof covering made of paper materials
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About Student Workshop Paper Shingles

In the seminar „Schinderei“ in the summer semester 2023, the students worked in pairs on the production of moulded shingles made of fibre material. The seminar focused on the entire manufacturing process: from conception and design, to the material recipe (paper+) and mould and tool construction, to the pressing process, optimisation and finally installation on the wall or roof.

The aim was to cover a given façade or roof area with the reproducible shingles, transforming the conventional shingle covering into a space-filling, three-dimensional façade.

The seminar had a high degree of application orientation and the translation of constructive-craft concepts into experimental-aesthetic shaping processes, the students‘ work also refers to interdisciplinary potentials within existing research of the university – especially the research focus „Building with Paper“ at the Department of Scultural Design – and develops these independently.

In addition to traditional formwork construction in plaster to create the tool for pressing the shingles, they experimented with material compositions and aggregates in the course of producing the shingles in the spirit of paper+. In particular, the combination of paper fibre materials and clay or loam has proved to be particularly promising for optimising the stability and pressing behaviour of the shingles.

  • Seminar of the Department of Sculptural Design: Prof. Ariel Auslender, M.Sc. Nina Christl, M.Sc. Jannis Protzmann
  • Summer semester 2023